Job Categories with Experience 
1. Steal Fixers
2. Welders
3. Waiters for hotel 

Job Categories without Experience
4. Factory / Hotel cleaning workers, 
5. General Factory/ packaging workers,  

Minimum  Salary:  3500 PLN per month ( detail salary will be provided in job offer letter) 

Accomodation provided by company with small charge 

Transportation: Provided by company

Insurance: Provided by company

Air ticket: Not Provided 

Food: Not provided

Processing time:  3 to 4 months ( depends on  availability of visa appointment date at Embassy) 

Contract period: 1 year but renewable 

Temporary residence card: Applied by the company 


Poland has a growing demand for workers in various industries due to the country's robust economic growth and aging population. The following are some of the industries where there is a high demand for workers in Poland:

  1. Information technology (IT) sector: Poland has become a hub for IT companies due to its highly skilled workforce and favorable business environment. The demand for IT professionals such as software developers, programmers, and data analysts is constantly increasing.

  2. Healthcare sector: With an aging population, there is a growing demand for healthcare professionals in Poland. Doctors, nurses, pharmacists, and other healthcare professionals are in high demand.

  3. Manufacturing sector: Poland's manufacturing sector is booming, and there is a high demand for skilled workers in industries such as automotive, electronics, and aerospace.

  4. Construction sector: Poland is investing heavily in infrastructure development, leading to a high demand for workers in the construction sector, including architects, engineers, and construction workers.

  5. Agriculture sector: Poland's agriculture sector is also growing, and there is a demand for skilled workers in areas such as farming, animal husbandry, and food processing.

To work in Poland, foreign workers must have a valid work permit and meet the country's immigration requirements. It is advisable to contact the Polish embassy or consulate in your home country for more information on how to obtain a work permit and immigrate to Poland.

Number of workers required:  100 India


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