Heavy Driver Job in Saudi Arabia

Job Summary: We are seeking a skilled and experienced Heavy Driver to join our team in Saudi Arabia. The ideal candidate should possess a strong understanding of safe driving practices, excellent maneuvering skills, and the ability to operate heavy vehicles efficiently.

Waiter & Food Runner Job in Saudi Arabia

We are seeking enthusiastic and dedicated individuals to join our team as Waiters & Food Runners in our thriving restaurant in Saudi Arabia.

House Cleaner Job in Saudi Arabia

We are currently seeking a dedicated and skilled House Cleaner to join our team in maintaining the cleanliness and hygiene of our residential properties in Saudi Arabia.

Car Mechanic Job in Saudi Arabia

We are seeking a skilled and experienced Car Mechanic to join our automotive service team in Saudi Arabia.

Cook Job in Kuwait

Are you a culinary enthusiast with a passion for creating delicious dishes that tantalize the taste buds? We are looking for a skilled Cook to join our team in Kuwait and contribute to an exceptional dining experience for our customers.

Cook(Indian) Job in Maldives

As a Cook (Indian Cuisine) at [Your Company Name], you will play a pivotal role in delivering the authentic flavors of Indian cuisine to our guests.

Mixer Drivers Job in Oman

We are seeking dedicated and experienced Mixer Drivers to join our team in Oman. As a Mixer Driver, you will play a crucial role in our construction and concrete production operations.

Job Requirement: Restaurant Supervisor in Kuwait

Company Overview: We are a well-established and thriving restaurant chain in Kuwait, renowned for delivering exceptional dining experiences and impeccable customer service. As we continue to expand our operations, we are seeking a motivated and skilled Restaurant Supervisor to join our team and contribute to our ongoing success.

Kitchen Helper Job in Saudi Arabia (KSA)

We are currently seeking a skilled and dedicated Kitchen Helper to join our team in Saudi Arabia. As a Kitchen Helper, you will be an integral part of our culinary team, providing support and assistance to the chefs and kitchen staff in the smooth operation of our kitchen facilities.

House Cook Job in Kuwait

Job Description: We are seeking an experienced and skilled House Cook to join our household in Kuwait. As a House Cook, you will be responsible for preparing delicious and nutritious meals for the family while ensuring high standards of taste, quality, and hygiene.

Benefits of Paper Mill Job in Kuwait Describe the job requirement

As a Paper Mill Operator at [Company Name], you will play a crucial role in the production of paper and paper products. You will be responsible for operating and maintaining various machinery and equipment in the paper mill, ensuring smooth operations and high-quality output. This position offers several benefits and opportunities for growth in the paper manufacturing industry in Kuwait.

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House Driver Job in Kuwait - Urgent Require for Kuwait

We are seeking a responsible and skilled House Driver to join our household staff. The House Driver will be responsible for safely transporting family members, running errands, and maintaining the cleanliness and maintenance of the assigned vehicle.

Pharmacy Helper Job in Saudi Arabia

As a Pharmacy Helper, you will play a crucial role in supporting the efficient functioning of a pharmacy in Saudi Arabia. You will work closely with the pharmacy staff and assist in various tasks to ensure the smooth operations and high-quality service to customers.

House Maid Job in Kuwait: A Look into the Described Job Requirements

Being a House Maid in Kuwait entails more than just cleaning and maintaining a household. It involves a range of responsibilities that contribute to the smooth functioning and comfort of the employer's residence.

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Do know about work visas required for Jobs in Kuwait

If you've decided to expand your company to Kuwait, you have two options for hiring new employees: you can hire skilled people from outside or take advantage of the local labor market. The second method requires you to ensure that all foreign employees in Kuwait have the necessary visas and permits to operate there.

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