No matter how hard we try to prepare ahead to ensure we can fill openings at the optimal time to hire recruiting metrics at Overseas recruitment agency for Qatar from India, things seldom go as planned, as any recruiter can attest to. Because recruiting managers are stepping up the heat, we tend to go back into old practises. So, let’s have a look at some of the methods- 

1.    Direct advertising 

You may locate a lot of potential candidates by posting jobs on your company's employment site, job boards, social media, and industry magazines. Additionally, it raises the profile of your company's employer branding. The negative is that advertising outside of the company may be quite costly.

Additionally, if your advertising aren't strategically placed, you run the risk of attracting the wrong kind of candidates or receiving an inadequate number of submissions.

2.    Databases for locating potential employees.

You should constantly check your talent pool databases for prospects and applications that were not hired, but were good enough to keep. In the majority of cases, hiring managers must choose between two or three prospects.

3.     Employee recommendations

It's not uncommon for businesses to have a recommendation programme in place for their employees. Referrals from inside and outside the company are both used in employee recruiting. Existing employees are urged to recommend potential replacements.

Because it's inexpensive, fast, and you can rely on staff to suggest just the best prospects, it's a good option. The new employee will also be more familiar with your business than an outside recruit. 

4.    The revolving door of workers

The practise of rehiring former workers is on the rise. They are known as "boomerang" workers since they worked hard for a firm and then departed amicably on good terms.

When an employee is rehired, the employer is certain that he or she will be able to meet the company's needs. Bringing back a boomerang employee decreases the time it takes to recruit, removes the danger of a disastrous hiring, and lowers the cost of each employment.

5.    Recruiting businesses

A recruiting firm can help you with the employment process. On your behalf, recruiting agencies take care of the whole recruitment process. The expense of hiring an agency is significant, but it allows you to spend your time on other important tasks. For difficult-to-fill roles and organisations that lack in-house HR capabilities, recruitment services are a viable choice.

Another option is to hire an outside recruiter to establish contact with potential employees you'd want to bring on board. Because they work for your rivals, passive candidates may be a fantastic match for your job. This is why you're avoiding eye contact. You should hire an executive search recruiter, or headhunter.

6.    Apprenticeships and internships

Offering work-based learning opportunities like internships and apprenticeships is a great approach to get to know potential employees on a more personal level. Contact period is a good time to look for interns and apprentices who can be nurtured to fill future opportunities by hiring managers.

At some point, everyone will have to begin their career in an entry-level job. Internships and apprenticeships that are well-run may help identify future leaders and top performers.

7.    The power of personal recommendation

Word-of-mouth techniques of recruiting are easy for big companies and multinationals since they are constantly approached by job searchers who have not requested an interview. When it comes to establishing a strong brand, they've already done so. If they put out the word that they're looking for new employees, they'll receive a lot of interest.

Even in remote places where a single company employs a significant portion of the local workforce, this strategy may be effective. Mining firms and sawmills are two good examples. Local companies may spread the news about job openings in small communities through word-of-mouth.

8.     Posters on the walls

Bulletin boards may still be used to promote employment. Typical examples are work in a factory or on a farm. Unemployed individuals often gather at workplace entrances to listen for announcements of day or contact employment. Seasonal farm labourers congregate at local markets and co-ops to look at job postings put up by nearby farms.


Recruiting methods in human resources management should not be fixed. In order to discover the finest prospects, recruiters and hiring managers must be open to all avenues of internal and external recruiting.

These aren't the only methods of attracting new employees, though. With the ongoing struggle for talent, your creative techniques of hiring will catch people's attention and distinguish your company from the competition. Even whether you're a start-up or a tiny firm, your organisation will be recognised as an employer of choice.


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